They have an operating pressure of up to 105 bar. The high pressure system consists of a coarse dirt filter, a high pressure pump, a distribution line and / or special devices such as a SkyMist Spray Unit, Tangential fan Unit, Elimist, Spray Nozzle Fan. The most used system is the installation of a spraying line with nozzle holders.

They do not use a pressure pump. Water is atomized by centrifugal force, where small drops of water are formed. These units are ideal for cooling your summer terrace. The water vapor produced by the centrifugal device is not as fine as the high-pressure device. This product family includes different types of spray fans.

They are used mainly for humidifying in residential, office, manufacturing premises. These devices create so-called dry vapor using ultrasonic resonators. We can supply the humidifier with power ranging from 3l / hr to 120l / hr, and we can supply more power for special requirements.

They are an ideal solution for industrial use, where very fine water vapor is required. These systems must be connected to water and compressed air. Special nozzles form drops of water droppletts less than 2 microns.

We can make you exactly the kind of humidifier you need. We can supply you with central control, with the possibility of integration into your system, using MODBUS or LAN communications. We can customize your system with PLC control. In addition to humidifiers, we can customize dust removal equipment or various stainless steel water vapor distribution products.

Air Coolers cool the air using a simple natural process: the evaporating water decreases the temperature of the air. A pump takes the water from a tank and wets a wide pad of natural cellulose. A powerful ventilator aspires air through the pad. The water evaporates from the pad and decreases the temperature of the air of several degrees.

The term isothermal humidification has been established to describe a steam humidification process in which air temperature essentially remains constant.

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