High-pressure pumps

Features: remote control

Remote Control

This device allows a remote switch-on up to 100 m. of the misting module and of the fans connected to it. So it is particularly useful when the pump is located far away from the misting line or in any position not easily accessible.

Features: very low sound level

Very low sound level

All misting modules are equipped with motor-pump AXB and AXA models are extremely silent by means of a patented device. A low decibel level grants everywhere very quiet operation.

Features: telecontrol by GSM

Telecontrol by GSM

All misting module can be remote controlled, by a simple SMS message, from any GSM mobile phone. In case of any alarm, the integrated CPU shall send a message to the telephone. Furthermore it is possible to contact the misting module by means of special SMS messages and change the operating parameters.

Features: digital temperature control system

Digital temperature control system

This model integrate, as standard device, a sophisticated temperature and humidity control. This accessory allows an automatic switch off of the misting module in case of any low temperature switch-on. The system is particularly useful for commercial (bar, restaurant) and industrial installations.

Features: digital humidity control system

Digital humidity control system

This model integrate, as standard device, a sophisticated temperature and humidity control. This accessory allows an accurate humidification both inside and outside any room and assures high professional results. Humidity and temperature control grants, also in commercial installations, a total switch-off of the pump in case of inside high relative humidity and low temperature, as for example, when it is raining, avoiding like that any dangerous condensation.

Features: digital cyclic timer

Digital Cyclic timer

This accessory fitted on all models gives the possibility of temporizing the misting module. A timer can set break and operation time up to 999 seconds seconds at the same time, with the temperature and humidity control.

Features: CPU Digital control system

CPU Digital control system

All models of misting module are controlled by a microprocessor allowing to have at disposal either a digital integrated or a remote apparatus. This is a very flexible product suitable to any adiabatic cooling or to industrial humidification control. So misting modules can be adapted to all different needs of the customer.

Advantages of our piston pumps

  • SIMMM pump AXA with no overheating system
  • Patented “Misting Pumps”
  • Professional Brass piston pump
  • All pumps are TUV approval
  • All pumps are CE approval
  • Working pressure: 70 – 105 Bar
  • Pumps with adjustable flow rate
  • Low Revolution motor (<1000 rpm)
  • “H” class motor with low rpm
  • Solenoid valve pressure release
  • Washing line high pressure solenoid valve
  • Water loss pressure switch
  • Inline low pressure solenoid valve
  • Safety pressure switch
  • Low voltage command (12 volt)
  • Soft touch panel equipped with Eddy3 technology
  • Digital cycling timer
  • Radio remote control
  • Complete control over GSM technology
  • Temperature and humidity program
  • “Agenda” program
  • Automatic fan On/Off switch (230 volt plug built-in)
  • Auto program (the water flow depend from temp)
  • Digital manometer
  • Digital alarms with display warning message
  • Built in 5 liter water tank
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Digital water flow meter
  • Low noise level: < 55 db



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